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‘Don’t Pass Away’ by Mariam Zohra Durrani

Dedicated to Ami Jan*

Don’t pass away
before my eyes
You don’t know what it means
to me, to pay my regards

It isn’t just my regards that matter,
it’s that I didn’t get to say farewell
and that’s what matters

Don’t close your eyes
behind my back
Seeing your eyes closed before
I could kiss your forehead
makes me mad

It makes me cry
for an incredibly long time
This can’t be
it’s hard to believe
that i will no longer see your smile
and your golden eyes, which
always have a shine!

It hits me in my heart
like a bullet, and i no longer want to live either…
But that will happen in time
i think i am feeling a little calmer
but it’s hard to believe
you are gone.
Yours Mariam.

*Maternal Grandmother.
Mariam moved to Canada as a child in 1986 and did not meet her Ami Jan for over three years. This poem was written in 1989 in pain and fear of her passing away. Published in Mariam’s first poetry collection ‘Not to Understand’, Toronto 1990.

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