Punjabi Sufi Poet


Zohra Begum established deep impressions of love and caring on everyone around her. After her passing away in 1998, the profound loss of her absence is felt by many of us. Here, some of us share our feelings in poems and prose dedicated to the wonderful spirit of Zohra Begum.

Zohra Begum – Laughter in Tears by Fauzia Rafique

‘Elder Sea’ by Mariam Zohra Durrani

‘Don’t Pass Away’ by Mariam Zohra Durrani

Zahra diyaN booTiyaN by Fauzia Rafique ظاھرا دیاں ُبوٹیاں

Tu sachi sain jud kehndi sain ‘توں سچی سیں جد کہندی سیں’ by Ayesha Farooq

Eh kaiji yaari laai ‘ایھ کیجہی یاری لاٰئ ‘ by Ayesha Farooq

Novel ‘Skeena’ by Fauzia Rafique: Dedicated to Zohra Begum

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Comments on: "Dedication" (1)

  1. nighat zahra shah said:

    thankyou so very much for this wonderfull effort.
    hazrat zohra begum was and is a fountain of love. always in our hearts and minds with profound feelngs of love, admiration,longing and such valieable memories. we thank allah pak that we were blessed by her presnce.

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