Punjabi Sufi Poet


Zohra Begum was born in 1917 to a landowning family of the Punjab. Her parents passed away when she was a baby, and she and her older brother were raised in a joint family by their grandparents and uncles and aunts.

As was customary, Zohra Begum received basic education at home, and was married to her first cousin at age 11. She had her first child, a son, when she was 12 year old. Later, she had two daughters.

Zohra Begum, Lahore 1917-1998

She lived in Lahore most of her life.

Zohra Begum began writing poetry at a young age but kept it a secret till she was in her fifties. By then,  she had written 6-7 books of poetry. Much of her work was lost over time. Her first collection of poetry ‘Kamli NooN Rang La Geya’  was published in 1983, with a second edition in 1997.

Her second collection of Punjabi poems was published after she passed on in 1998.

Since then, her life is celebrated each year for three consecutive days at her place of burial in Model Town, Lahore; and in Karachi, Islamabad and a few other places.

She initiated many charitable traditions including Al-Zohra Welfare Association in Karachi that continues to serve people.

Zohra Begum was a woman of great wisdom, a born leader, who inspired people to do better in their lives.

If you have any of her memories, and you would like to share, please send message at: ammijanblog@gmail.com.

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Comments on: "About" (4)

  1. kishwar said:

    Ammi Jaan is a personification of Allah Pak’s love. Ammi Jaan made me conscious of His all encompassing love. Ammi Jaan, my Murshid, fortified me with courage to forgive those who inflict pain. My Murshid with her blessings soothed the internal conflict in me, and removed the wrath in my heart. She always said life is to rejoice, and being gratified for all that we receive. I fully comprehend the counsel now. Being happy is the highest form of worship, for you accept and surrender before His Will; an affirmation of your belief in His love for you, and for all things that breathe.

  2. maqsood saqib said:

    Mohtrma Zohra Begum ji di shaaeri parrhan da subhaag bauhat chirka milya a —- ohnan di zindgi vich milda taan darshan v kr lainda aide sohne te paak rooh da —– ohnan de klaam vich faqeeri gyaan bolda a — kadeen aihnaan diyan kitabaan vaikh sakaan taan nitth k sara klaam parrhaan —-
    زھرا بیگم
    چنی رنگ لے زہرا ساہویں رنگلی مٹی اے
    انج جاپدا ایھھ وڈیاں للاریاں دی ھٹی اے
    نصیباں نال رنگ لبھے، تیری عمر دی کھٹی اے
    رنگ گوڑھے چنگے ‘ پھکیاں دی تے ایویں چٹی اے
    Chunni rang le Zohra
    Zohra Begum
    Chunni rang le Zohra, sahwaiN rangli mitti ae
    inj japda eh wadeyaN lalariyaN de hutti ae
    naseebaN naal rang labhay, teri umar de khatti ae
    rang gooRhay chungay, phikeyaN de te aiweiN chutti ae

  3. Anonymous said:

    Jashan Mubarak From Karachi …

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